Best Time for Tuckpointing Repairs


Did you know that your brick and masonry buildings' mortar joints deteriorate over time? For the most part, brick and masonry are low maintenance building materials, your masonry could stand for 20 or 30 years before needing repairs. However, Illinois winters and other factors can significantly reduce this timeframe. At Olsen Tuckpointing Co., spring is the best time to schedule tuckpointing maintenance as spring flower beds have not bloomed yet and we have open availability before the peak of the busy summer season!

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Why Tuckpoint?

When then mortar between masonry is weakened, it allows for moisture to leak into and through the masonry. Over time, this moisture can cause damage to the joints and eventually, they will deteriorate. The constant freezing and thawing conditions of the Illinois area put masonry properties at a higher risk of failure. Tuckpointing provides a relatively simple solution to this problem.

When Should I Tuckpoint?

While it’s always better to tuckpoint sooner than later, there are signs you can look for on your masonry that it is time to have your building tuckpointed. If you notice crumbling brick, holes, gaps or cracks in the mortar joints, or a white substance on the face of the masonry, your building is a candidate for tuckpointing. It is always best to make the repairs before further deterioration takes place and repairs become more costly.

We Provide Quality Repairs

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