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At Olsen Tuckpointing Company, we understand that you may have questions and concerns regarding your project, and we are here to answer them! We have more than 55 years of experience and we have a proven track record of customer satisfaction. We encourage you to read through some of our frequently asked questions and of course, if you are still seeking answers, contact us right away!

What is tuckpointing?
Tuckpointing is the process of removing and replacing badly damaged mortar and brick. Our team uses specialized tools to help ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship. Your masonry will be restored to its original condition.

Will the entire chimney, wall or house need tuckpointing?
We typically tuckpoint as necessary – replacing the damaged mortar joints or brick only as needed. Matching the mortar color, brickwork, and joint design is essential. Call in the experts at Olsen Tuckpointing Company – we don't consider the job complete until you're happy with the results.

How long should the Tuckpointing last?
Assuming any leaking or settling problems in the area are effectively fixed, tuckpointing should last years if not decades.

I’ve heard about skim-coating the mortar joints – is this a good solution?
If tuckpointing is needed, the mortar joints must be ground out to a depth of ½” to 1” to ensure longevity. Skim coating will pop out – it’s only a short-term fix and not a long-term solution.

Are you licensed?
Yes! Olsen Tuckpointing Company is proud to be a licensed, insured and bonded team that has more than 55 years of experience. We have a track record for success and always work to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with their finished product.

I need a new chimney, can you help?
Olsen Tuckpointing Company is proud to offer chimney restoration and repair for all Barrington and suburban Chicago customers. We will assess the damage and overall scope of your project and get started on helping your home look good-as-new!

Do you provide masonry cleaning services?
Whether you are just finishing a new construction project, or if you are looking to clean an old, weather-dated building, you can contact Olsen Tuckpointing Company. We provide chemical and restoration cleaning services to our clients to help restore the look of their brick and stone.

How can I get an estimate?
Olsen Tuckpointing Company makes it easy to get a free estimate on your next project! All you need to do is complete our online free estimate form to get started!

Still need answers? Call Barrington tuckpointing specialists at Olsen Tuckpointing Company!

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Apr 25, 2023 | | Barrington, IL

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The whole process from the free inspection and quote to completing the job was very professional, efficient and on time. Extremely satisfied with Olsen's job. I can certainly recommend them.

Great people, fantastic work
Oct 3, 2022 | | Mount Prospect, IL

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Olsen Tuckpointing Company did a brilliant job of cleaning & tuckpointing our 91-year-old brick bungalow. We are delighted with the results and highly recommend Olsen if you need any kind of brickwork done. It wasn't a huge job, but with the home being as old as it is, we were concerned about getting it done right. The brick exterior had quite a few old mortar patches and some washed-out sections, and over the years the walls had collected a wide assortment of paint stains, hardware hangers and old screw holes. The textured, tan brick also looked pretty dingy, although we weren't sure how much was the original color and how much might be accumulated dirt. The dull brown bricks cleaned to a warm, clean gold, and we were really impressed by how seamlessly the new repair work blends in with the older mortar. Everyone was friendly, knowledgeable, prompt, and professional, and I have only good things to say about them all. The estimator was able to come out quickly after the initial contact, he did a comprehensive walk-though, and he provided a clear, reasonable, and detailed estimate in a timely fashion--along with an explanation of the whole process from start to finish, so we would know what to expect. The office staff was great about getting things scheduled and making sure we knew when the crews would be showing up, the crews introduced themselves on arrival, and they were all friendly, careful, and incredibly skilled. We are 100% pleased as can be & will certainly be calling Olsen Tuckpointing when next we need any masonry work performed.